Residential Window Cleaning

SmearClear are expert in the traditional methods of window cleaning with ladder, applicator and squeegee and we continue to use this when appropriate or necessary.
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Commercial Window Cleaning

SmearClear offer a range of commercial window cleaning services for shops, offices and commercial premises. For external windows we use a water fed pole system, allowing easy reach of high windows.
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Conservatory Cleaning

We combine all our systems in our "deep conservatory clean": All vertical windows and frames, inside and out. roof glass and frame, using our water fed pole system.
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Solar Panel Cleaning

We use our pole fed water system to clean solar panels. By using the pure water in our pole fed system you can be sure that no soap residue or streaking will be left to inhibit panel performance.
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Over the years, we have responded to requests from our clients and have expanded our services to include gutters, caravans and RVs, shop fascias and commercial signs. And if you don't see a particular cleaning service shown here, please feel free to ask if we can help.

Cladding cleaning

The use of our water fed pole system ensures the effective cleaning of high level cladding in a safe and hassle-free manner.

Purified water is an effective cleaning medium as it readily pulls out and dissolves dirt and grime from cladding surfaces. 

The results are fantastic and it is the most commonly used method for cleaning PV Cladding.


Gutter cleaning is an essential part of the upkeep of any building.

Full, overflowing or leaking gutters can cause thousands of pounds worth of unnecessary damage to your property, ranging from damp in the walls to extensive brickwork damage.

We can prevent this from ever happening at a fraction of the cost of repair.


In addition to regular glass window cleaning, we can also clean the important window surrounds and fascias above your windows to ensure the best possible presentation of your business.

Our water fed pole system provides ready and safe access to heights up to 65'.


Over the winter when stored away and unused, canopies can be damaged and marked due to the toll that the cold and damp weather has taken on the fabric. 

Mildew, mould and algae stains are an eyesore, and can be difficult and time consuming to remove.
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