Smearclear - Window Cleaners based in Farnham, Surrey

SmearClear Window Cleaners is an established business located in Farnham.

SmearClear is now celebrating 20 years of professional and friendly service to a satisfied customer base, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning.

We started with a ladder, a van, a bucket - and lots of enthusiasm! Over the years, we've responded to requests from our customers and have gradually expanded our residential services to include conservatories, solar panels, caravans and RVs, patio cleaning and gutter cleaning, and our commercial services include full shop fascias and commercial signs.


Our residential service covers an area from Farnham through to Guildford.

Our commercial service is focused on a similar area but we will extend beyond this for major contracts.

If you see any of our vans driving by, parked on the street in town or at a neighbour's house, please feel free to wave us down!

Offering a complete range of window cleaning services, SmearClear is the firm you can trust to clean your windows, conservatories, solar panels, shop fascia's, patios and more.

We guarantee your windows will be perfect every time and promise 100% satisfaction. If ever there were a problem of any kind, we would be back the next working day to sort things out.


We are expert in the traditional methods of window cleaning with ladder, applicator and squeegee and we continue to use this when appropriate or necessary. However, modern technology now uses a water fed pole system which is safer, more versatile and produces a better result.


offers a range of commercial window cleaning services for shops, offices and commercial premises.
For external windows we use a water fed pole system, allowing easy reach of high windows, but for internal windows and surfaces we employ traditional hand application methods.


We combine all our systems in our "deep conservatory clean". All vertical windows and frames, inside and out. Roof glass and frame, using our water fed pole system. All UPVC cleaned using specialist professional cleaning products. Cleaning out the 'runners' of any sliding doors & cleaning of external brickwork.

Solar panels

The efficiency of solar panels can be significantly compromised by surface dirt, but usually mounted in locations that are difficult to access. We use our water fed pole system. This mean that we can quickly and efficiently clean the panels, and by using pure water in our water fed pole system you can be sure that no soap or dirt will be left.
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