Traditional window cleaning usually entails a ladder, a squeegee and a cloth to get the job done, but over time SmearClear's methods have developed for the best practice and optimum results. The traditional way took a lot of effort and time that was wasted up and down the ladders constantly, and can cause a lot of physical strain, and then along came the water fed pole system.

Water fed pole window cleaning has revolutionized how window cleaning can be carried out, not only does it save a lot of time, it also almost always provides a better finish, if not the same quality. 


You cannot put a price on safety, and with a water fed pole system you are ensuring your own and your employees safety is of prime. Working from the ground is obviously much safer for you and your colleagues, avoiding the many risks that come with working up a ladder all day.


Using a water fed pole system may sound intimidating if you have been using the traditional method for many years, but it is in fact much easier than you may think. It complete simplifies the process of the window cleaning, and it is easy to learn the technique needed for using these systems.


Unlike other methods that can be unsafe in certain weather conditions, water fed pole systems can be used in almost all weather. Thanks to the use of extendable poles, the need for ladders is completely eliminated making water fed pole systems ideal for rainy days.


Water fed pole systems work without any harmful cleaning chemicals. Instead the system uses water which has been filtered to remove minerals and chemicals and then de-ionised.

This pure water is pumped up to the end of a telescopic pole equipped with a specially designed nylon brush head. The pure water breaks down the dirt and holds the particles in suspension.

Purified water is plain H2O. No other elements like salts and dissolved solids are present. What’s so special about this purified water? Well, now that the water is cleared of solids, it becomes a powerful rinsing tool. It binds to the accumulated solids on your windows and removes them. This means your window cleaner, armed with our pure water fed pole is able to bring back the sparkling and crystal clear appearance of your windows.
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